Sealing of pavers

We also seal paved driveways, walkways and pool decks.
We only use first quality URE seal H2O clear sealant which is the best in the industry.
It does not chip or show any discolorations.

Brick Paver Cleaning and Sealing

If you have brick pavers, travertine tile, or stamped concrete, you should make sure that your investment is protected by a quality sealant. If it is left unprotected, your paver surfaces can become faded, overrun with weeds, and moldy. That is probably NOT how you envisioned things when you made an investment in this a surface!

The benefits of sealing your drive way

Color Enhancement

Sealing your brick pavers will enhance the natural color of your expensive driveway or pooldeck. The color will also be preserved and protected from any further fading caused by harmful UV Rays. Two different types of enhancement are available: Natural and Wet Look. Natural will offer minimal change in appearance and Wet Look will make the pavers look as though they are wet.

Sand Stabilization

Our “Paver Protector Process” allows for sand joint stabilization. Stabilizing the sand will help to eliminate sand washout, weed growth and insect intrusion. This process also helps to prevent the bricks from shifting thus creating a much more solid foundation of your driveway or pool deck.

Algae & Mold Inhibitor

Sealing your brick pavers will also inhibit algae and mold growth. Sealed pavers will dry quickly and keep moisture from penetrating the pores of the pavers. Moisture is the #1 cause of mold and mildew growth in the Florida climate.

Drive way sealant Protection

When brick pavers are properly sealed, it means that you placed a barrier between the surface of the paver and anything that can stain the it. These things include grease, oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluids, iron deposits and anything else that can be spilled on the surface. Adding a protective barrier will help prevent those unsightly stains commonly found on driveways. Sealing will also keep your pavers from becoming pitted and worn looking.


Maintaining your pavers becomes much easier once they have been sealed.
Mold, Bird Droppings, and small spills can usually be cleaned up with a mild detergent soap and a garden hose.

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